RXM-25 X-Band Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar

Click here for a 360° interactive view of the Ridgeline Instruments RXM-25 Weather Radar.

The RXM-25 is a dual-polarization Doppler weather radar operating at X-band, designed to cover a range between 30 and 50 km at very high sampling resolutions and offer state-of-the-art radar data products. The RXM-25 is prepared to operate as a single radar unit or as a member of a radar network, allowing both manual or automated control of all radar operational settings. Designed to operate at high scanning velocities both during antenna repositioning and antenna scanning through weather, the RXM-25 radars allow arbitrary motion over the whole hemisphere. Designed to maximize system maintainability, all RXM-25 radar electronics are housed on two field-replaceable enclosures mounted on the scanning pedestal frame.

To learn more about the RXM-25 system features and technical specifications please follow the Overview link.

For a detailed description of the RXM-25 transmitter, analog receiver, and data acquisition subsystems click on the Transceiver link.

To see the available antenna and positioner system configurations for the RXM-25 please follow the Configurations link.

Click on the Sample data link for a look at the RXM-25 radar data products.