At Ridgeline Instruments we have developed a comprehensive suite of software components for use with our hardware solutions. Our software tools include antenna motion control and position calibration, radar transmitter and receiver control and calibration, radar spectral signal processing, and radar data display and recording. All these software tools, designed to be accessible over and IP network, can be configured for both manual our automated control of a single radar unit or a radar network.

Ridgeline Instruments signal processor is a state of the art dual-polarization spectral estimator that integrates all necessary algorithms for successful radar operation at X-band: supporting single and dual PRF radar operation, Doppler velocity unfolding, clutter filtering, second trip echo suppression and attenuation correction, the signal processor adapts to any changes in the radar operation parameters in real-time to ensure a continuous data stream.

Click on the Algorithms link to learn more about Ridgeline Instruments signal processor and algorithms.

Ridgeline Instruments also offers an innovative web tool to monitor, control and display data from an RXM-25 weather radar. Designed as a platform-independent single point of entry for most common radar tasks, this web radar interface doubles as a quick-glance system state monitor or a complete control centre on the go.

Click on the Web Display link to learn more about Ridgeline Instruments web radar interface.

If you already have a radar control and display environment, Ridgeline Instruments will work with you to integrate our data into your applications. Click on the Third-Party link to learn more about third-party software currently supported. If you have a set of requirements you would like to discuss or are looking for a customized solution, contact Ridgeline Instruments any time by clicking on the Contact link.