Hardware for Remote Sensing Applications

Ridgeline Instruments develops hardware systems for remote sensing applications such as networked weather radar and hardware components for general instrumentation applications such as transmitters, receivers and data acquisition solutions.

To ensure overall performance and quality, Ridgeline Instruments uses the latest CAD tools to develop the different mechanical and electrical aspects of their designs. A lot of detail and attention is placed in those aspects typically less visible but with a high system impact such as cabling and EMI. All of Ridgeline Instruments products go through rigorous testing and characterization before being fielded.

Ridgeline Instruments offers the RXM-25 as its base radar system for networked deployment. Click on the RXM-25 link to learn more about this product.

Ridgeline Instruments offers the eDAQ1b as its base reconfigurable data acquisition solution. Click on the eDAQ1b link to learn more about this product.

If you have a set of requirements you would like to discuss or are looking for a customized solution, contact Ridgeline Instruments anytime by clicking on the Contact link.