RXM-25 Available Configurations

The RXM-25 can be built with a number of positioner and antenna configurations. All antenna options share high cross-polarization isolation, low sidelobe levels, and are built with a low-weight composite material main reflector suitable for outdoor operation. In cases where no overall system radome will be used, antenna wind loading can be reduced with the addition of a low-loss nose-cone type radome. The available high-torque positioner systems share a set of slip rings designed for high-speed digital signal transmission, can be pressurized (together with the radar transceiver) to operate in harsh outdoor conditions, and are matched to the available antenna size options.

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Nosecone Radome

Positioner Model:


Antenna Diameter:

2.4 meters
1.8 meters
1.2 meters

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Antenna typeFront-fed parabolic
Primary diameter1.8 m (6 feet)
Radome typeNone
System height2.71 m
System diameter2.46 m
System mass576 kg

Scanning Performance

Positioner torque936 Nm (max)
Slew velocity60°/s (max.)
Scan acceleration60°/s² (max.)
Wind load80 mph (max.)

Sensing Performance

Antenna Gain42.0 dB
Beam width1.4°
Minimum reflectivity
detection (30 km)
4.9 dBz